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Becoming Lawyers: An Overview

Lawyers, as the name suggests, are lawyers. They are trained professionals, who practice law in courts and who offer legal advice to individuals, corporations, businesses, and governments. A lawyer or law student is an individual who practices law in courts, as a barrister, attorney-in-law, lawyer, paralegal, attorney-in-law, paralegal, and even notary. In the United States, lawyers can also be licensed through the state to practice law.


In order to practice law, lawyers must pass the state bar exam. There are different levels of bar exam scores. The test will measure how well the lawyers studied, their knowledge and skills, and the amount of time they devoted to practice law. In some states, attorneys may be required to take the bar exam four times before they obtain their license. The most common test is the Multistate Bar Examination or MBE. Other states may require two years or more of active bar membership.

Attorneys are also required to attend three and one-half years of law school and take the bar exam. Many bar associations have their own bar exam. The Juris Doctor program at Villanova University, for example, is intended for students who wish to become licensed at the federal level. Students also need to attend a three-month residency in a state that does not require a bar exam. During the residency, students learn about the various laws that govern different areas of the law. They also learn about ethics and the judicial process, including trial preparation.

Many lawyers become vocal about their opinions on certain social and political issues. One of the areas that they are particularly vocal about is suicide cases. Historically, lawyers have been critical of suicide cases because of the publicity that it causes. However, a recent study shows that the vast majority of attorneys have changed their views on the suicide case, seeing it as a way to prevent further litigation into the death. In addition, since most attorneys work in a courtroom, they do not relive the situation and therefore cannot be as vocal about it.

Another area of specialization within the legal profession is criminal law. Criminal lawyers prosecute those charged with a crime. Some states allow defense lawyers to plead the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, which allows them to withhold evidence in a case. Other states have additional protections for criminal lawyers like a lawyer having the same qualifications as other lawyers in the state. Most criminal lawyers must go through a bar exam, but some can choose not to if they believe they do not meet all the requirements.

For many lawyers, there are specializations within the law field that interest them. Animal rights lawyers focus on animal cruelty charges. Crime defendants may also specialize in other types of criminal charges such as murder, arson or drug offenses. Those who are considering this career field should be sure to attend an accredited law school with a focus on criminal law. Attending a law school that caters to this type of concentration will ensure that a lawyer has the necessary skills to represent those accused of crimes.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of lawyers who are working with the military. Military lawyers assist in any cases involving members of the military who were accused of committing crimes in the line of duty. Military attorneys also deal with cases where family members of military personnel are killed during military operations. Many people assume j.d. would only apply to those working in the legal profession, but this is simply not true.

Lawyers who become attorneys must complete a long and difficult process. Many times, lawyers become depressed after having to spend long hours in courtrooms and dealing with stressful and complex cases. Because of this, some lawyers choose to forgo a career in the legal profession in order to pursue a career as a counselor in a Veterans Administration or other private counseling agency. There are many benefits of becoming a counselor with veterans including a great compensation plan, the chance to help those who have been injured or killed because of war, plus the ability to help new veterans adjust to life outside of the service. For more information on becoming a licensed counselor with the U.S. Bar Association, log on to our website.